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SPLOST $ used for the New Windmill Park Sports Complex and New Vehicles for the Sheriff's Department.    Local Maintenance Improvement Grant used for road construction at Banks Crossing and at the new Hudson River Business Park. Grant for Senior Center Renovation.

SPLOST $ and Grant Funds At Work

SPLOST & Grant Funds At Work

What is SPLOST?
The SPLOST law, enacted by Georgia legislators in 1985, authorizes a county tax of 1% on items subject to the state sales tax for funding capital projects. It is neither a municipal tax, nor a joint county-municipal tax such as the regular Local Option Sales Tax (LOST). As a county tax, only the Board of Commissioners can authorize SPLOST.

The county controls the money, which must be used for specific capital outlays (operations and maintenance expenditures are not authorized) such as courthouses, jails, roads and bridges. Projects financed via SPLOST are intended to benefit the county as a whole—either standing alone or in combination with other county capital outlay projects or municipal capital outlay projects. 

Recent Projects include:
  • Windmill Park Sports Complex
  • Various road projects in conjunction with grant funding
  • Heavy Equipment purchases for roads & recreation departments

What is a Transportation SPLOST?
A 1¢ Sales Tax is for Transportation purposes only. Projects include road paving/resurfacing, gravel, signage, striping, right of way acquisition/clearing, heavy equipment purchase/lease, bridges, public transportation, bike paths and other transportation related projects.  One hundred percent of the funds that are collected by this initiative will be spent on transportation projects in this community.

All Banks County voters will consider a 1¢ sales tax that would authorize transportation projects like streets and roads, overpasses, traffic control improvements, and more on May 22, 2018. The proceeds from this 5-year Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax is projected at a maximum $15 million. Banks County and the Cities of Banks County have agreed to share the funds with a 75/25 split and selected projects that are important to each jurisdiction.

Grants:  In addition, Banks County researches and applies for grants for additional purchases and improvements such as new public transportation vans recently acquired and Local Road/Bridge Maintenance Improvement Grants provided through the Georgia Department of Transportation.  When available, application is made for specialty grants in the areas of recreational trails, fitness walking trails, health promotion and public safety.

Recent Grant Projects include:
  • Senior Center Renovation
  • Resurfaced Rock Springs Rd
  • Resurfaced Mocassin Gap Rd
  • Installed system signage on various county roads
  • Purchased Mass Communication System - Swift911
  • Widened & resurfaced Bennett Rd
  • Repaired bridges on various county roads
  • Resurfaced Carson Segars Rd

 SPLOST Dollars provide New Vehicles

 New Tennis Courts & Windmill Park Sports Complex

 Better Bridges & Improved Roads

 Grants Provide New Public Transportation Vans

 New Roads


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