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Senior Life Services
700 Thompson Street 
Homer, Georgia 30547

(706) 677-3275
(706) 677-3027 (fax)

Monday - Friday
9:00am - 2:00pm

Sheila Ledford
 Center Coordinator

Judy Covington
Wellness Coordinator

Marcia Sims

Wellness activities
Health Screenings
Day Trips
Card Games
Lots of Events
Health & Nutrition Education
Stretch & Tone
Foot Care
Walking Program
Computer Classes
Line Dancing
Brain Fitness
Senior Life Services
Tracie Hammond, Director

The mission of the Senior Life Center is to promote and provide, in a comfortable and friendly setting--social, educational, nutritional, and recreational programs that will enrich the lives and overall well-being of Seniors throughout our community.

Come join our Senior Life Center!   Meet new friends, learn how to stay healthy and have fun!

About Our Center:
Our philosophy is based on the premise that aging is a normal process:  that human beings need peers with who they can interact, who are available as a source of encouragement and support.  Our multi-purpose Senior Center was established to provide nutritional, health and human services to Seniors in our community.  The programs, projects and activities are designed to help meet individual and community needs as well as contribute to the welfare of Senior Center clients.  If you would like to join our center, follow this Link to Client Agreement for Banks County Senior Life Center.
Click here for more information on the activities at the center.   This month's calendar can be downloaded here.
Click here to learn more about wellness.
Meals On Wheels: 
The Meals on Wheels program is specifically designed to serve the people in our community who are not able to prepare meals or attend the Senior Center.  Hot, frozen and therapeutic meals are available Monday through Friday.  Frozen meals are available on weekends and for persons who live in areas too remote for daily routes.   Therapeutic meals are for diabetic clients and must be ordered by a doctor.
Click here to learn more about receiving meals. Volunteers are always welcome - Click Here for information on training and sign-ups.
Click here for a directory of resources to assist our senior residents.
Check the directory below for more information about transportation to and from the Banks County Senior Center.  In addition, Banks County offers transportation to all citizens of Banks County.  To learn more, check our Banks County Transit page.
In Memory: 
We meet special friends along the way.  This page is dedicated to those who have been a part of our Center family.  They are greatly missed! Click here to read more.
Meet our team: 
Click here  to meet the team of employees and volunteers who make the difference each day!

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Can I visit without signing up?
A: Yes, we encourage residents to visit once or twice to better understand our program and meet other residents.
Q: How do I get started?
A: Come visit once or twice and if you are interested we will assist you in completing the necessary paperwork.
Q: If I am not able to participate because of illness do I lose my spot?
A: Families are encouraged to communicate with the center of any extended illness. We will make our best effort to provide a spot for you when you are well.
Q: What are the Senior Center's services and rules?
A: The Senior Center has a handbook with all the services and rules. It is outlined below.

Senior Center Participation Criteria: (Click to Expand)
Senior Life Center Participation Criteria

In accordance with the Georgia Department of Human Resources Division of Aging Services, Legacy Link, Inc. Area Agency on Aging, and the Senior Center regulations, policies and procedures, in order to become a participant of a senior center one must:
  •  Be 60 years or older, the spouse, or disabled dependent of an eligible client living in the same household.
  • Be ambulatory with or without assistance devices.
  • Be able to perform activities of daily living independently, i.e. eating, able to use bathroom without assistance, etc.
  • Have no functional or other impairments which  hinder  the  capacity  to participate in any activity in the center, or if there is impairment, participant must have a willingness to make adaptations, when necessary,  to receive full benefit for participation in Senior Center programs and services.
  • Be supportive of the "contribution philosophy" as noted in the Federal Older Americans Act.
  • Comply with center rules and policies (i.e. smoking and non-smoking  areas, meals, and transportation reservation system.)
  • Complete necessary enrollment forms (i.e. emergency contact, medical history, and financial information).
  • Agree if the meal quota does not allow for new clients, individuals may agree to:
    • Pay full cost of meal.
    • Secure a sponsor to pay for meals.
  • May not engage in solicitation.
  • Agree that all paid work performed by clients at the Senior Center is program income and will be used to sustain Senior Center programs.
  • Agree that any activities by groups within the Senior Center must be approved by the director.
  • Agree that any fundraising events by groups within the Senior Center must be approved by the director.
  • Agrees  that  all monies  must  be  collected  and  documented  by  Senior  Center staff.
Because Senior Centers are to be maintained for the good of all, individuals who cause dissension, unpleasantness, and/or interfere with the enjoyment of the center by other clients, will be discouraged from these actions.  See policy on disruptive behavior.

Service Descriptions and Eligibility: (Click to Expand)
Service Descriptions and Eligibility

Congregate Meals
Provision of a meal to an eligible client or other eligible participant at the Senior Center.  To be eligible for congregate meals you must be:
  • Age 60 or older.
  • A spouse of an eligible client.
  • An individual with a disability who resides in the same household and accompanies an eligible client for congregate meals can be provided a meal based on funding and availability.
  • In order to participate in congregate trips, client must attend the center once a week.
  • Your membership will be dropped after 90 days of missed attendance. You must re-enroll if you wish to return.
  • You must reserve a meal. Meals are ordered a week in advance.
Home-Delivered  Meals
Provision of a meal to an eligible client or other eligible participant at the client's residence.  To be eligible for Home-Delivered Meals you must be:
  • Age 60 or older or an eligible client of the Community Care Services Program or SOURCE.
  • Have functional impairments preventing you from participating in a congregate meal program.
  • A spouse of an eligible client regardless of age or condition may receive a home delivered meal if, according to criteria determined by the Area  Agency  on Aging, and the Banks County Senior Center, receipt of a meal is in the best interest of the eligible client.
  • A non-elderly disabled person who is a member of a household with an eligible client may receive a meal. (This person must be declared disabled by Social Security). Meals can only be provided when funding is available.
No income restrictions exist for Title III meals programs, but priority for subsidized meals is given to persons with low incomes and the greatest social and economic need.  Funding availability may necessitate a waiting list for subsidized meals. Any eligible client wishing to purchase a meal at full cost may do so.
Therapeutic meals are available for both congregate and home delivered meal clients upon written request by their physicians.

To be eligible for TransPORT 192,168,0,2,133,104
Meals and Food Services: (Click to Expand)
Meals and Food Services

Meals are prepared by a food vendor contractor approved by the Georgia Division of Aging Services  and Legacy Link, Area Agency on Aging. The meals are prepared daily and delivered to the Senior Centers. The meals meet 1/3 of the recommended daily allowance.
The following are State Policies regarding food served at Senior Centers:
  • Any food item intended to be served at the Senior Center cannot be taken home by participants or staff, with the  exception  of fresh fruit.
  • Absolutely no food that is prepared, frozen, or canned in the home, may be used with meals financed with State or Federal funds.
  • Covered dish meals may not be served at the Senior Center.
  • Menus are planned and approved by the food vendor's registered dietitian. Special attention is paid to the particular likes and dislikes of the seniors who receive meals, and every effort is made to provide an enjoyable meal.
Personal Care Home Residents and Other Social Services Agency Clients: (Click to Expand)
Personal Care Home Residents and Other Social Services Agency Clients

All residents/clients must meet the Senior Center Participation criteria.
Personal care home and other social services agencies should provide transportation for their residents/clients.  The Senior Center may provide transportation for personal care home residents if scheduling, space, and funding permits.
The Senior Center should be reimbursed for the full cost of congregate services provided to clients of residential agencies, who are receiving payment for their meal and activities. Arrangements for services need to be made one week in advance to assure accommodations.
The  Senior  Center  Director  has  the  right  to  deny  services  based  on availability and appropriateness of activity and client.

The Senior Center will be closed for the following holidays:
New Year's Day (January  1)
President's Day (First Monday in February)
Good Friday (Friday before Easter Sunday)
Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)
Independence Day (July 4)
Labor Day (First Monday in September)
Columbus Day (Second Monday in October)
Thanksgiving - 2 days (Fourth Thursday and following Friday m Nov)
Christmas Eve (December 24)
Christmas Day (December 25)
Day following Christmas (December 26)

In cases of hazardous conditions a decision by the Senior Center Director will be made to determine whether the program will operate under standard procedures.     Participants will be notified of closings by staff and/or media.  Please listen to radio station WJJC or WCON  for information concerning closing due to weather.  The landline 706-677- 6810 will have an outgoing message with information concerning closings on a day to day basis.
In  anticipation  of  a  Senior  Center  closing,  shelf  stable  meals  will  be delivered to home delivered and congregate meal clients.
Voluntary Contributions and Service Cost-Share: (Click to Expand)
Voluntary Contributions and Service Cost-Share

All programs and services funded through the Older Americans Act must provide clients the opportunity to make voluntary contributions. Each person's privacy will be protected concerning voluntary contributions . No one is denied service because he/she cannot or will not voluntarily contribute to the program.
Meals and nutrition related services funded through the Older Americans Act are not cost-shared.
If services are not provided through funding which permits or requires a cost­ share, the Senior Center staff shall inform clients of the conditions for participation. The Senior Center shall have a procedure for assessing and collecting fees for any cost-share services.
A fee for the cost of supplies, materials, or the time of a professional instructor for programs provided at the Senior Center may be required for some activities.
Individuals under the age of 60  may on occasion  receive  services,  however these individuals or a sponsor must pay the full cost of the service.
Incident and Accident Policy: (Click to Expand)
Incident and Accident Policy

The following is our policy should a client be injured or become ill while at the Senior Center:
  •  An ambulance will be called if there is any indication the client is at risk or needs emergency care.
  • The client's emergency contact will be notified.
  • If a client refuses to be transported by ambulance to the hospital and it is recommended by the emergency personnel, a family member or responsible party must pick up client immediately.
  • No client will be transported by Senior Center staff in an emergency situation.
  • An incident report shall be filled out by the attending staff member and turned in to the Senior Center Director as quickly as possible, and documented in the client's file.
  • Safety training is given quarterly to help prevent incidents and accidents in Senior Centers.
  • An evacuation plan is posted in centers.  Fire drills are conducted quarterly and tornado drills are conducted annually.
  • Clients with contagious diseases such as shingles, MRSA etc. are required to obtain a doctors release stating they are no longer contagious.
Any expenses incurred by the provision of medical services will be the responsibility of the client.

In cases of an emergency where the wellbeing of clients, staff, or volunteers are in jeopardy, some of the steps listed may be omitted at the discretion of the Senior Center Director or Senior Center Staff.  In such cases, especially when the police are involved, a full report will be completed by attending staff for the client's file and sent to the County Commission and Legacy Link, Inc.

Client Rights: (Click to Expand)
Client Rights

All Senior Center clients shall be informed of their rights prior to the initiation of services. All persons applying for home delivered meals and Alzheimer's respite services shall be screened by telephone by The Legacy Link Inc. Gateway Intake Team and assessed by a Legacy Link nurse.
All clients shall be informed their service records are confidential and that any information regarding their services cannot be shared without their permission. All clients shall be informed they have the right not to be discriminated against because of race, color, gender, handicap, national origin or age (within funding regulations).
All clients shall be informed of their right to discuss concerns or issues with the Senior Center Director. All clients have the right to see their files during regular business hours.  Any client who disagrees with action taken regarding their needs may file a complaint (known as a grievance) with the  Banks County Senior Center.  Clients have the right to contact Legacy Link, Inc. Area Agency on Aging (770-538-2650) if not satisfied with the Senior Center response to a complaint.
Nondiscrimination   in Client/Client  Services Practices
The Senior Center shall comply with all Federal, State, and Local laws, rules and regulations.  The Center shall also comply with the Georgia Department of Human Resources policy relative to nondiscrimination concerning political affiliation, religion or health conditions such as Human Immunodeficiency Virus or AIDS Virus.  Any client requesting additional HIVIAIDS related services or information will be referred to the County Health Department.
Staff and volunteers are trained that all client information is confidential and cannot be shared.  Clients must sign a release of information and a HIPPA form before information can be shared with other agencies and programs.  This release specifically states what information and to whom this information can be shared. Breach of confidentiality by staff or volunteers is considered a major violation of policy.
Behavior: (Click to Expand)
Defining Disruptive  Behavior

Any behavior that causes dissension, unpleasantness, and interferes with the enjoyment, caring, and supportive atmosphere of the Senior Center or in the van constitutes disruptive behavior. This includes unwillingness to comply with center rules/regulations as well as policies and procedures. This behavior may be repetitive or spontaneous. All Senior Center services are governed by this policy.

Congregate,  Wellness  & Transportation  Clients
First Offenders
At the time of the disruptive behavior, a staff person will speak privately to the client and let him/her know that certain behaviors or conditions are not acceptable at the center or on the van. The client may be asked to leave for the day, with the understanding that the person will be welcomed back when the behavior or condition has improved.  Documentation by staff shall be placed in the client's file, and the Director advised.
Repeat Offenders
Following a second incident of disruptive behavior, a staff person will document incident in the client file. The client will be suspended for up to, but not longer than two weeks.
Chronic Offenders
When disruptive behavior persists after the two-week suspension, a letter of termination will be sent to the client, Legacy Link, Inc. and the County Commission.

Meals On Wheels  Clients 
First Offenders
Inappropriate and/or abusive behaviors displayed by clients toward staff or volunteers are unacceptable.  When such incidents are reported, the Director or coordinator will make a home visit and address the situation with the client.  Documentation will be completed and placed in the client's file.
Repeat Offenders
Upon the second offense, services will be suspended for up to, but no longer than two weeks.  The client will be informed verbally and in writing.  A report will be completed, placed in the clients' file, and sent to The Legacy Link Inc. Area Agency on Aging and County Commissioners.  Grievance procedures will be sent to client.
Chronic Offenders
When behavior persists after the two weeks suspension, documentation concerning non-compliance by the client of policies and procedures will be placed in the clients' file.  A letter of termination of services and grievance procedures will be sent to the client, The Legacy Link Inc.
Area Agency on Aging and County Commissioners .
Appeals: (Click to Expand)

A client has the right to an appeal in the event he/she is dissatisfied with a decision of the Senior Center Director to terminate services. The following are steps a client should take in filing an appeal:
  1. The client shall notify the Senior Center Director in writing that termination is not satisfactory.  A request must be made for an appointment with the Senior Center Director to discuss the written appeal within two weeks of receiving the notice of termination.
  2. The Senior Center Director shall schedule a meeting within two weeks to discuss the issues.
  3. The Director will make every effort to resolve the issues, which will include a total review of the original actions and proceedings that led to the appeal and consult with the Legacy Link Area Agency on Aging and/or County Commission.
  4. The Director will then notify the client in writing within two weeks of recommendations  and/or corrective action to resolve the appeal.  The client shall notify the Director in writing within two weeks whether this resolution is satisfactory.
  5. If the resolution in Step 4 is not accepted by the client, the appeal must be forwarded in writing to:
 Community Programs Manager The Legacy Link, Inc.
Area Agency on Aging
P.O. Box 2534 Gainesville, Georgia 30503
In the event the appeal is not resolved to the client's satisfaction by the Legacy Link Area Agency on Aging Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors, the appeal may be referred to the Georgia Division of Aging Services.
The Senior Center will cooperate with the above agencies to attempt to resolve the appeal at all steps in the process.
Reduction or Termination of Services: (Click to Expand)
Reduction or Termination of Services

Services may be reduced or terminated when the Senior Center is unable to continue those services at the established level.  Violation of the Rules of Participation or the Reservation Policy may also result in the reduction or termination of services.
Clients whose services are reduced or terminated will receive:
  •  15-day notice of change or termination
  •  Offer of other available service options
  •  Reason for the reduction or termination of services
  •  Effective date of change or termination of services
  •  Information on the appeals/grievance process
Clients violating Rules of Participation  and putting other clients, staff or volunteers  at risk do not have to receive  15-day notice.   Clients who habitually  violate the Reservation policies will receive notice three business days prior to suspension/termination  of services.
Liability Waivers: (Click to Expand)
Liability Waivers

For some activities sponsored by or provided at the Senior Center, you may be asked to sign a liability waiver.  This releases the Senior Center of responsibility in the event you are injured.  Participation in these activities is optional and allowed only to those signing the waiver.
All photographs taken by staff, media and donors at events or the senior center are the property of the senior center and may be used to promote programs and activities in the media.
Site Council: (Click to Expand)
Site Council

A Site Council shall exist for the purpose of representation of Senior Center clients.     The Site Council shall have at least 5 members who will be elected annually by the clients who attend the Senior Center congregate and wellness programs.  These members will elect a President, Secretary and Treasurer who will serve these offices for a term of one year.  Treasurer may serve multiple years to avoid changing banking information and check writing.
Meetings will be scheduled quarterly or more frequently at the request of the Site Council or Senior Center Director.  Minutes shall be documented by the secretary, kept at the Senior Center by the Director and made available upon request.  Any and all issues brought before the Site Council will be reported to the Director.
Volunteers: (Click to Expand)

Volunteers are essential to all programs and services provided through Senior Centers.  Anyone who wishes to volunteer should consult the Director or other appropriate staff.  Tasks will be assigned to the volunteer, and Senior Center staff (according to assignment) will provide supervision. Orientation, training, instructions, recognition and appreciation will be provided to all volunteers.
Volunteers must follow rules, policies, and procedures for the program in which they are assigned.
Volunteers participating in the meals program may be provided a meal when:
  • They are 60 years of age or older, or
  • The spouse of an eligible person
  • The meal would not deprive an older person of the meal
Any volunteer considered incapable of performing duties may be relieved of volunteer duties by the Senior Center Director.
Transportation: (Click to Expand)

To be eligible for transportation services, you must be:
  • Age 60 or older and a resident of Banks County
  • Able to get on and off of van with minimal assistance
  • A congregate or wellness client
Senior Center vans operate Monday though Friday, transporting clients from home to the Senior Center and to access other needed services and returning home.   

Transportation will be provided to clients based on eligibility, scheduling, availability and funding.  You must make a reservation with the van driver in advance; they will confirm what days they can pick you up.

Transportation is a service that requires a cost share that is based on household income.

Van Rules:
​Tobacco in any form is not permitted in vehicles.
No opened food or drinks in vans
  • Seat belts must be worn at all times
  • Passengers must remain seated while the van is in motion.
  • Riders are to be courteous to the van driver and other riders, and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated on the bus or van.
  • Van drivers and/or director may assign seats as necessary.
People who drive may on occasion be asked to drive to the center.


Miscellaneous: (Click to Expand)
Agreement Form: (Click to Expand)
Agreement Form

Employee Information Legal Notice Privacy Notice
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