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Human Resources
150 Hudson Ridge Suite 1
Homer, Georgia 30547

(706) 677-6906

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

Arlene Ivey
Human Resources
Arlene Ivey, Director of Human Resources

To provide and retain a skilled and competent workforce for County of Banks departments so that they may deliver superior services to the residents and visitors.

Banks County is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It is the policy of the County of Banks to provide equal employment opportunity for all qualified persons. All applicants will be considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, ancestry, medical condition (cancer and genetic characteristics), genetic information, or denial of medical and family care leave, or any other non job-related factors.

For further information, please contact the Human Resources Department at:(706)677-6906.
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Employee Handbook
Employees are required to sign their agreement to comply with the policies outlined in the employee handbook. The handbook is included below for your convenience.
Benefits (Plan Year July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017)

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Human Resources Forms
Employee Handbook: (Click to Expand)
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Attendance, Leave and Holidays: (Click to Expand)


The following are the official holidays that will normally be observed by Banks County employees:
New Year’s Day (January 1)
President’s Day (Third Monday in February)
Good Friday (Friday before Easter Sunday)
National Memorial Day (last Monday in May)
Independence Day (July 4)
Labor Day (First Monday in September)
Columbus Day (Second Monday in October)
Veterans Day (November 11)
Thanksgiving Day (Fourth Thursday in November)
Friday following Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve (December 24)
Christmas Day (December 25)
Day following Christmas Day (December 26)

Observance of Holidays

Some employees may be required to work during the above holidays due to emergencies or work schedule. Those employees who are required to work will paid 8 hours holiday pay in addition to hours worked, or the employee may be credited with equivalent hours of personal leave. 
If a holiday falls on Saturday, it will generally be observed on the preceding Friday. If a holiday falls on Sunday, it will generally be observed on the following Monday.
An employee in an orientation period will not receive holiday pay (90 days).


The following types of employee leave are recognized by the County: personal leave, FMLA (family and medical leave act), military leave, civil leave, educational leave, bereavement leave, and leave-of-absence without pay.

Personal Leave

(a) Each employee will be entitled to personal leave with full pay for vacations, illness, or other personal reasons. For the purposes of this Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual, the hours of accrued time off are known as “PTO” hours.
(b) Effective July 1, 2006, employees will accrue vacation leave at the following rate:
From date of employment up to 1 year of employment: 8 hours/month (12 days/year)
After 1 year of employment up to 3 years of employment: 10 hours/month (15 days/year)
After 3 years of employment up to 6 years of employment: 12 hours/month (18 days/year)
After 6 years of employment up to 9 years of employment: 14 hours/month (21 days/year)
After 9 years of employment up to 12 years of employment: 16 hours/month (24 days/year)
After 12 years of employment up to 15 years of employment: 18 hours/month (27 days/year)
After 15 years of employment and above: 20 hours/month (30 days/year)
(c) For the purpose of calculating personal leave, those employees offered full-time employment following the orientation period after the first day of the month but before the fifteenth day of the month will earn personal leave from the first of the month. Those employees employed after the fifteenth day of the month will not earn leave for that month.
(d) Taking personal leave is a privilege that must be approved by the department head before the leave is taken or within eight (8) hours after returning to work (in case of an illness or emergency). When possible, personal leave should be approved two weeks in advance.
(e) In calculating the accrual of personal leave, accrual begins after the orientation period and offer of full-time employment.. If an employee takes extended (more than two weeks) leave without pay, there is no accrual of personal leave during that time. If an employee is terminated and rehired, the date of last employment is used to compute personal leave.
(f) Personal leave may not be accrued in excess of Two Hundred Forty (240) hours. When the accrued hours reach the Two Hundred Forty (240) hours limit, all hours accrued beyond that point, will go into an Extended Illness Bank (EIB). EIB hours would be available for the employee in case of a serious illness. EIB hours may only be used in case of the illness of the employee. EIB hours would be available only AFTER accrued PTO hours have been exhausted. EIB hours will NOT be paid out, if the employee leaves employment with the County. Effective July 1, 2006, an employee having 240 hours of EIB time, will be paid 50% (120 hours) of their accumulated EIB hours upon employee’s request. The pay-out of the EIB hours will be limited to a two-year period, meaning the employee will receive the pay-out only one (1) time every two (2) years. The remainder of the EIB hours will remain in the EIB bank, with hours of accrued PTO time added to the EIB bank if the 240 hours limit of PTO is exceeded. EIB hours are frozen at any time 240 hours have accumulated into the EIB bank.
(g) Employees on personal leave are subject to recall to duty in cases of emergency.
(h ) Personal leave shall not be taken until it is earned
(I ) Overtime is not included in the computation of personal leave accrual.
(j ) Upon termination or death, employees or their estates will be paid for accumulated personal leave.
(1) The “beginning balance” of personal leave on February 1, 1999 will be the amount of vacation hours remaining available to the employee on January 31, 1998.
(m) Beginning February 1, 1999, vacation leave will be accrued monthly as it is earned, based on the accrual rates in 4.201 above, and cannot be taken until it is earned.
(n) Available PTO hours must be used to cover all absences, either planned or unplanned.
(o) A PTO request form should be submitted to the Department Head for approval. The Department Head should turn the request in to the Payroll Department, along with payroll time sheets/cards.

Family and Medical Leave

In compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (P.L. 103-3), the County will provide eligible employees up to twelve (12) weeks of unpaid leave within each twelve (12) month period (designated by Banks County as the County’s fiscal year) for their own serious illness or chronic/episodic health condition, the birth or adoption of a child, the care of a seriously ill child, spouse, or parent. The following policies and procedures apply:
(a) “Eligible employees” are those employed for at least one (1) year and having worked at least 1,250 hours within the previous twelve month period. Employees exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act are not eligible.
(b) “Serious illness or health condition” is defined as “an illness, injury or impairment or physical condition involving either inpatient care or continuing treatment by a health care provider”.
(c) An employee may take leave intermittently or on a reduced leave schedule when medically necessary; however, intermittent or reduced schedule to care for a newborn or newly adopted child must be approved by a department head.
(d) An employee must take any paid personal leave as part of the twelve-week family and medical leave period.
(e) An employee shall receive written notice of the County’s designation of time as family and medical leave.
(f) An employee must request family and medical leave thirty (30) days in advance when possible.
(g) An employee on family and medical leave is entitled to receive health benefits while on unpaid leave under the same terms and conditions as when working. However, the County may recover health coverage premiums paid for an employee who fails to return to work.
(h) The County shall guarantee an employee on unpaid family and medical leave the right to return to the previous or “virtually identical” position.
(i) Spouses who are both employed by the County are entitled to a total of twelve (12) weeks family and medical leave to care for a new child or sick parent. If the leave is required to care for a sick child or the other spouse, each spouse is entitled to twelve (12) weeks of leave.
(j) When the family and medical leave is for the employee’s personal illness or health condition, the County may require a physician’s certification, within fifteen (15) days, of (1) the date the illness or condition began, (2) the probable duration of the illness or condition, and (3) appropriate medical facts regarding the illness or condition.
For more detailed information on the Family and Medical Leave Act, see a copy of the Act in the Personnel Officer’s office.

Military leave

Georgia law requires that paid leave be granted to members of the Reserve and National Guard under certain conditions, and leave-of-absence without pay is required under other conditions. These policies are in compliance with the law.
(a) Ordered duty. In compliance with Georgia Code 38-2-279, any employee ordered to military duty shall be placed on military leave with pay for a period of time not exceeding a total of eighteen (18) days in any one calendar year and not exceeding eighteen (18) days in any one continuous period of absence.
(a) Declared emergency. In compliance with Georgia Code 38-2-279, should the Governor declare an emergency and orders any employee to State active duty as a member of the National Guard, the employee shall receive pay for a period not exceeding thirty (30) days in any one calendar year and not exceeding thirty (30) days in any one continuous period of active duty service.
(c) Leave-of-absence. In compliance with Georgia Code 38-2-279, any voluntary member of the Reserve or National Guard shall be entitled to absent himself/herself and shall be deemed to have a leave-of-absence as an employee while in attendance at any service school conducted by the Armed Forces of the United States for a period of up to six (6) months during any four (4) year period. A leave-of-absence prevents a break in service.
This policy on military leave shall not apply to any public officer or employee who was or is involuntarily transferred, assigned, drafted or inducted to or into any of the forces of the organized militia or any of the reserve forces or reserve components of the Armed Forces of the United States, or to any public officer or employee who was or is inducted into the Mined Forces of the United States not as a member of any force of the organized militia or of any reserve force or reserve component of the Armed Forces of the United States.
In any absence for military duty, the employee will provide a copy of the orders to the County Commission Chairman for filing in the personnel file.

Civil Leave

An employee of the County will be entitled to be absent from duties, without loss of pay or time and without effect of his/her status, on all days during which he/she should be subpoenaed by any court to serve as a juror. The employee should report to work when not actually required to be present in court.

Educational Leave

An employee of the County may be granted educational leave in accordance with the provisions previously set forth for leave-of-absence without pay. The request must be made in writing to the Department Head and approved by the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners.
An employee returning from authorized educational leave shall be entitled to all rights and benefits they might have received had their service not been interrupted. Also, the returning employee may be appointed or promoted to a higher level position at the discretion of the department head, provided he/she meets the qualifications of the new position.

Bereavement Leave

Paid leave for an “EMPLOYEE” having a death in his/her family will be: 3 days (24 hours) for “EMPLOYEE’S” spouse, “EMPLOYEE’S” child, “EMPLOYEE’S” mother, or “EMPLOYEE’S” father; 2 days (16 hours) for “EMPLOYEE’S” brother or “EMPLOYEE’S” sister; 1 days (8 hours) for “EMPLOYEE’S” grandfather, “EMPLOYEE’S” grandmother, “EMPLOYEE’S” grandson, “EMPLOYEE’S” granddaughter, “EMPLOYEE’S” spouse’s father, “EMPLOYEE’S” spouse’s mother, “EMPLOYEE’S” uncle, “EMPLOYEE’S” aunt (excluding great uncles and great aunts). Bereavement leave is only for lost time absences due to the death of a family member listed above. Employee may take personal leave for others.

Leave-of-Absence Without Pay

(a) An employee may be recommended in writing by a department head to be placed in a leave-of-absence without pay status. The County Commissioners or other elected officials will review each such request and approve it if it is determined that such leave will not impair the proper sanctioning of the County or its services or programs.
(b) Leave-of-absence without pay may be granted only after an employee’s accrued personal leave has been exhausted.
(c) Leave-of-absence without pay may not exceed twelve (12) months unless extended by the County Commissioners or other elected official.
(d) No employee will be allowed a leave-of-absence to accept other employment.
(e) There shall be no accrual of personal leave during leave-of-absence of more than two (2) weeks.
(f) For any leave-of-absence exceeding two (2) weeks, the employee shall pay both the employee’s share and the County’s share of benefits, except for leave-of-absence without pay under the Family and Medical Leave Act. In that situation, the employer shall continue to pay its share of medical insurance.
(g) Every effort will be made to reinstate an employee upon his/her return from leave-of-absence in the former position, pay grade, and benefit status. If such position has been filled, the employee may be offered an available comparable position for which the employee is qualified. If no such comparable position is available, the employee will be given preference in the event of an appropriate opening.
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