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ALERT:  Next Election: May 22, 2018

Banks County
Board of Elections and Voter Registration

226 Candler Street
Homer, Georgia 30547

(706) 677-6260

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

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Andra Phagan
Board of Elections and Voter Registration
The Board of Elections' primary responsibility is to ensure election compliance within its jurisdiction. Their responsibilities include the registration of voters, certification of candidates for the ballot, maintenance and set-up of voting machines, appointment and training of election workers, poll workers and  and certifying of all election results.


May 22, 2018
Unofficial & Incomplete Results, Banks County 

State House 28 (Banks County Only)
Chris Erwin  1402
Dan Gasaway (I)  1013

Commissioner Distrct 1
Danny Maxwell (I) 1291
Sam Moon  1075

Commissioner District 3
Sammy Reece (I)  1550
Pat Westmoreland  816

Raod & Bridge Tax
Yes  1446
No   1183




Mail completed application to: Banks County Elections, 226 Candler Street, Homer, GA  30547




  2018 Election Events:

Election Election Date Voter
General Primary/
May 22 April 24 April 3
May 18
April 30
May 18
May 12
July 24 April 24 June 5
July 2
Nov 6 Oct 9 Sept 18
Nov 2
Oct 15
Nov 2
Oct 27

  Voting Information:

Our Banks County precincts and polling locations are listed below: 
0001 Anderson Banks County Fire Station
195 Carson Segars Rd
Maysville, GA  30558
0002 Baldwin Baldwin Precinct Building
1216 Park Avenue
Baldwin, GA 30511
0003 Berlin Berlin Precinct Building
989 Berlin Road
Homer, GA  30547
0004 Bushville Banks Crossing Fire Dept.,
613 Industrial Park Blvd
Commerce, GA  30530
0005 Columbia Lamar Christian Church Fellowship Hall
3247 Highway 105
Baldwin, GA  30511
0006 Davids New Salem Methodist Church
Fellowship Hall
3170 Highway 59
Commerce, GA  30530
0007 Golden Hill Rock Springs Fellowship Hall,
747 Rock Springs Road
Lula, GA  30554
0008 Grove River Grove River Precinct Building,
2610 Hwy 323
Gillsville, GA  30543
0009 Hollingsworth Hollingsworth Fire Dept.
4173 Hwy 441 North
Baldwin, GA  30511
0010 Homer Homer City Hall
943 Historic Homer Hwy
Homer, GA  30547
0011 Poplar Springs Hickory Flay Fellowship Hall
3409 Hwy 51 South
Lula, GA  30554
0012 Washington Grady Fire Dept.
2348 Damascus Road
Homer, GA  30547
0013 Wilmonts Nails Creek Baptist Church
Fellowship Hall
2743 Hwy 51 North
Homer, GA  30547

Board of Elections

Andra Phagan, ElectionSupervisor

Board Members:
Eleanor Lewallen, Chairperson
Lynda Garrison
Linda Lewallen
Not Pictured,
Gail Sheppard
Carol Ayers

The Board meets the first Thursday of every month at 9:00 a.m.



Mandated Voter Registration Sites Include: (Click to Expand)
Mandated Voter Registration Sites Include:
  • Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Safety Driver's Services
  • Department of Human Resources' Public Assistance Offices (WICS, DFACS, Rehab)
  • Public Libraries
  • Recruitment Offices
  • County courthouses and city halls
  • Elections and Voter Registration Office
  • Colleges and high schools for students and personnel
Qualifications To Vote: (Click to Expand)
Qualifications To Vote:
  • Be at least 17 ½ years old to register, 18 years old to vote
  • Be a legal resident of the county in which you register
  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Not be serving a sentence for a conviction of a felony involving moral turpitude
  • Have not been found mentally incompetent by a judge.
  • In the State of Georgia, you do not have to register by political party to vote in the regular primaries or general elections.

You may register to vote at any time, but you must be registered by the close of registration prior to an election if you wish to vote on election day, i.e., the application must be postmarked by the voter registration deadline.

If you are registering for the first time in Georgia, new federal legislation mandates that you must submit one of the six appropriate pieces of identification by
mailing a copy of the identification with your voter registration application providing a copy of the identification to the registrar during the absentee voting process, or by showing one of the 6 pieces of acceptable identification or one of the other four pieces which may be used  one time by the first-time registered voter. 

For more information, go to:
Change of Residence: (Click to Expand)
Change of Residence

Voters are required to notify the board of registrars of their county of residence whenever they move.

If you move within the same county in which you are registered to vote and don't notify the registrar at least 30 days prior to an election, you may vote in your old polling place for that election. You must file a notice of your new address. This can be done by writing your county board of registrars' office, or by submitting a new voter registration application.

If you move outside the county in which you are registered to vote within 30 days of an election, you may vote in your old precinct for that election.

If you move outside the county in which you are registered to vote in excess of 30 days prior to an election, you have lost your eligibility to vote in the county of your old residence. You must register to vote in your new county of residence. If you don't register to vote by the deadline, you cannot vote in that particular election.
Precinct Cards: (Click to Expand)
Precinct Cards:

If you have misplaced or have not received your precinct card within two to three weeks of submitting your application, please contact the registration office. . Visit the Secretary of State's poll locater on their web site to check your registration status.
Where do I vote ? (Click to Expand)
Where do I vote ?

Each voter must vote at the polling place designated for the precinct in which the voter lives. The location of your polling place is located on your precinct card. If you have misplaced your card or do not know where your precinct is located, contact the voter registration office or visit the Secretary of State's poll locater
When can I vote on election day ? (Click to Expand)
When can I vote on election day ?

Go to your polling place between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. on the day of the election. However, any voter who is waiting in line at 7:00 p.m. will be allowed to vote.
Do I have to show identification when voting ? (Click to Expand)
Do I have to show identification when voting ?

You will be required to present photo identification if you cast your vote in person at your polling place.  There are 6 acceptable forms of photo identification which apply to in-person voting by absentee, advance voting or at the polling place on Election Day.  These include:
  • Valid Georgia driver’s license, even if expired
  • Valid photo ID card issued by any entity of the state of Georgia, any other state, or the U.S. , including one issued by the Department of Driver Services or your county registrar’s office
  • Valid U.S. Passport
  • Valid employee photo ID  from any branch, department, agency, or entity of the U.S. Government, Georgia, or any county, municipality, board, authority or other entity of this state.
  • Valid U.S. Military ID card with Photo
  • Valid Tribal ID with photo

If the voter does not have a Georgia driver’s license, or other qualified ID, they can obtain either a FREE Georgia Identification Card from the Department of Driver Services or a FREE Georgia Voter Identification Card at the County registrar’s office.

In order to get a FREE Georgia Voter Identification Card, a voter will need to provide the following:
  • A photo identity document, or a non-photo identity document showing the voter’s full legal name and date of birth; and
  • Documentation showing voter’s date of birth; and
  • Evidence that voter is registered to vote in Georgia; and
  • Documentation showing voter’s name and address of principal residence.

The precinct card sent to you to acknowledge your voter registration is not acceptable identification.
How do I vote ? (Click to Expand)
How do I vote ?

When you arrive at your polling place, you will complete a voter's certificate which asks for your name and residence address. You will then present the certificate and proper identification to the poll officials who will verify that you are a registered voter in that precinct by checking the voters list for that precinct. If your name is found on the list, you will be issued a voter access card and admitted into a voting booth to cast your vote.

You will then cast your ballot using an electronic voting unit. After you cast your ballot the machine will automatically eject the voter access card and you will return the card to a poll official. Instructions on how to operate the electronic voting unit are posted at each polling place and you may ask a poll official for assistance.
How do I vote an absentee ballot ? (Click to Expand)
How do I vote an absentee ballot ?

A voter who requests an absentee ballot by mail  is NOT required to provide a reason why he/she is voting absentee. 

You may vote an absentee ballot if:
Code    Description

OP       You will be out of your precinct from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on election day.

E          You are 65 years of age or older.

D         You are unable to vote in person because of a physical disability.

EO       You are an election official.

RH       You are observing a religious holiday which prevents you from voting in person

PS        You are unable to be present at the polls because you are a public servant and are required to remain on duty in your precinct from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on election day for the protection of life,  health, or safety of the public.

CG       You are required to give constant care to someone who is physically disabled.

OSP     You are a citizen of the United States permanently residing outside the United States, was last domiciled in Georgia, and are not domiciled or voting in any other state.  You are allowed to vote for the following Federal offices: President, Vice-President, United States Senator, or Representative in Congress.

OST     You are a citizen of the United States temporarily residing overseas.

MOS   You are a member of the Armed Forces or Merchant Marines of the United States, or a spouse or dependent of the member, on active duty residing overseas.

MST    You are a member of the Armed Forces or Merchant Marines of the United States, or a spouse or dependent of the member, on active duty residing stateside.

NR       Requesting an absentee ballot by mail and not required to provide a reason (BY MAIL ONLY)  NOTE:  The Absentee Ballot will be mailed to Your Address as Registered.

Any elector can vote absentee at the elections office during the early/advanced voting period.   

How do I apply for an absentee ballot ? (Click to Expand)
How do I apply for an absentee ballot ?

You may request an absentee ballot as early as 180 days before an election.  Absentee ballots must be signed and received by the county board of registrars’ office on or before election day – no absentee ballots are issued on the day before or the day of an election.

Applications for absentee ballots by uniformed or overseas voters (pursuant to the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act) can be accepted more than 180 days prior to a primary or election in which a federal candidate appears on the ballot as well as for any runoffs resulting therefrom including presidential preference primaries for two general elections.

You may download an absentee ballot application and mail it or fax it or deliver it to your county board of registrars' office.

The application must be in writing and contain the address to which the ballot is to be mailed, sufficient information to identify you as a voter, and the election in which you wish to vote – no reason is required when requesting an absentee ballot by mail. 

If you are applying for a primary ballot, you must designate a political party.

If you are physically disabled or living temporarily outside your county of residence, a close relative may apply for an absentee ballot for you.

Also, if you are 65 or older or disabled, you may (if you desire) complete one application and receive absentee ballots for the primary, runoff, general, and general runoff. You must complete a separate absentee application for the Presidential Preference Primary.

Please note that the last day to apply for an absentee ballot to be mailed to you is Friday prior to the election date.  You may vote an absentee ballot in person through the close of business on the Friday prior to the election.

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